Thursday, 29 July 2010

I guess this is hello

This isn't my first foray into blogging, but this is the first time I've set up a space to post for a specific reason. Over the coming weeks and months I will use this blog to post evidence of my creative exploits. 

I create things in a whole host of ways. I make things - mostly with yarn and crochet hooks but also with knitting needles. I bake and decorate cupcakes. I write short stories, and particularly enjoy drabbles - flash fiction of precisely 100 words. I try to take a few photos every day, usually of things rather than people. I am fortunate to find inspiration almost constantly in my surroundings and will, if nothing else, post a picture a day.

So, for my first post of many, I offer one of my photos, taken earlier this year in Saundersfoot, West Wales. I hope that Mr G and I are like this when we grow old. Sitting together on a bench in the sunshine, looking out over the ocean