Friday, 22 October 2010

I made this! BBC Sherlock and John amigurumi dolls

In a break from scheduled programming, I interrupt this photo blog to bring you a series of photos of two dolls I crocheted for a friend and sent off to her this week.

She, like me, is a massive fan of Sherlock Holmes and BBC's recent Sherlock series in particular. As a result, what more could a girl possibly want than her own Sherlock and John? Exactly. Nothing on earth could be better :)

Allow me to introduce you to Sherlock and John:

Aren't they great? I love them to bits and I think they're awesome, even if I do say so myself. Would you like to see some more? Yeah, thought so...


For all you attention-to-detail fans out there, check these out:

They were all comfortably packaged-up in a nice padded box to head off to their intended destination. When my friend opened the package, this will be what she saw:

And for those who are fans of the show, you may recognise this particular scene from Study in Pink, the first adventure our two heroes had together. I took these pics just for funsies.

"Want to see some more?"
"Oh God, yes"


  1. Just so gorgeous! And "please look after this pair!" Marvelous!

  2. Thank you! I love them to pieces. I'm a little bit sad that they've gone, but I know they're in a loving home :)