Monday, 2 August 2010

Secret break

Someone on the site where I work had lifted two ancient chairs from the disused hospital wards and taken them into the bikeshed to use it as an impromptu break room. The way the chairs were set out made it look like there had been a real heart-to-heart going on in there. The feeling of confessional still hung in the air like the faint whiff of cigarette smoke around the doorway, so I think it was only very recently used.

If I took breaks at work, I would find myself a hidey-hole like this and go there. I would just like to sit in silence sometimes and feel the time pass me by.


  1. I think someone's had their feet up. But i like to think there was an intimate chat going on...

  2. I would like to think that too. Though if it were me taking the break I probably would have been alone with my feet up. See reference in profile info to social ineptitude...